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L & A Electronic & Signal Traffic became BBE’s Technical Cooperative Partner

The new year 2010 was came, BBE joint hand with L & A Electronic & Signal Traffic and become Technical Cooperative Partner, this is once again great leap in Spanish market, after the agreement with Joliet Technology, Gote S.A Ariston, Electrónica S.A.

Different from before, the cooperation between L & A Electronic & Signal Traffic and BBE is more focusing on LED Traffic Signal Light.

L & A Electronic & Signal Traffic is a specialist engineering optolectronica, founded in 2003 due to strong demand from Spanish and South American market for new technologies at the level of illumination and global ecological demand, being specialists in the field of traffic and transport, business has led the company to be exporting to countries like Colombia, Venezuela, and Chile Aregntina where we tenemso business agents and nuesvoe opening markets throughout Latin America, with many there and future prospects.

In the actuality, L & A has commercial agent in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Mexico, where they have been talking to owners and dealers engineering facilities each country traffic lights, past 2009, they have paid several business trips where luckily have achieved sales of introduction, and are expected to increase in 2010 sales volume in each country.

"To do this, LYA will participate in 2010 in various traffic fairs taking place in South America, there are our main competitors and KAIPHONE SPARK, but we found the weak point of each side by a spark, is inexpensive, but its low quality, and Kaiphone has better quality but its price is higher, since the product display it in south America as manufacturing itself, customers are relying on us for being auropea and company standards of quality, so BBE , Should never forget all our requests and suggestions of product quality.

We chose BBE in his day, that is the only manufacturer of LED lights you were using optoelectronics at their products because our engineering is similar to you why we chose them, but still, we thought it might improve the quality product and price in a market that has more competition every day" The Technical Director, Mr. Luis Bernal Barros said.

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